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The company would have until September 2018 to conform to the revision of the Standard

Colorgraf, based in Novo Hamburgo (RS), was recertified in the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards (ABNT) NBR ISO / 9001: 2015. The recommendation was announced for the new version of the standard immediately after the audit process was completed by Det Norske Veritas Certificadora Ltda (DNV GL). This is the seventh consecutive year that the company attests its quality to international standards of the standard.

With the certification, Colorgraf became one of the first companies in the ranking to adapt its processes to ISO 9001 in its new version, which was officially published as valid in October 2015.

ISO 9001 has made significant changes with its updated publication in 2015: it has increased the requirements for obtaining it by further assessing processes related to corporate risk analysis, as well as requiring greater involvement by senior management. Customer focus was maintained but strategically focused, ensuring through customer and stakeholder satisfaction, the generation of results. Business sustainability is now sought through risk management, contemplating through this analysis the determination of the factors that may impact on the achievement of the planned results.

“The new standard required greater involvement of leaders in the quality process, demonstrating through their processes an analysis of risks and opportunities that are directly linked to the company’s strategy and management,” says Sabrina Arnold, quality management representative.

Sabrina explains that the company would have until September 2018 to comply with the new Standard, but decided to revise it immediately in order to further consolidate its image associated with compliance and process standardization, providing customers, products and services with more quality.

Good for the company and especially for customers. According to Sabrina, ABTN NBR ISO 9001 certification guarantees the customer the best service. “The certification demonstrates that the company aims to be continually in tune with customer expectations, seeking to improve processes always in order to better serve them,” he concludes.

Source: Sérgio Negri/ Vórtice Comunicação