The manufacture of toys certified under the Brazilian Conformity Assessment System (compulsory products) expands the company’s range of products, in addition to licensing other well-known brands and products in the market – through frequent Social Responsibility audits carried out by organizations certifiers.

The Bahia unit also has a structure for the manufacture of licensed products, in accordance with the criteria and requirements that guarantee respect for life, the Human being and the Environment, providing an inclusive work environment and respect for employees.

Colorgraf’s Quality Tripod underpins the Quality Management System (QMS / SGQ) in a way that promotes sustainable financial return, providing through the awareness and collaboration of people, safety and health in the operation of their processes and the preservation of resources, contributing to a better world.

It’is in this context that Colorgraf institutes and discloses its policies:


Deliver innovative graphics solutions that atend customer and party requirements by promoting sustainable business growth through continuous improvement of products, processes and people. (The Direction, Rev.01, October / 2016)


Colorgraf recognizes the importance of maintaining a good relationship with the market committed to recognizing the customer manifestations, as well as complying with INMETRO ordinance No. 321, Law 9.933 according to  Metrology Fees,  and Law 8.078 according to the Consumer Protection Code, and other applicable requirements of other interested parties in case of complaints.

• Provide resources and systems for handling these manifestations;
• Analyze and treat all who compete or comply with legal surveillance;
• In case of recovery procedure or not, it will be analyzed and the results of this analysis will be communicated to the parties allowed within 5 working days.
(The Board, Rev. 04, 02/02/2019).


Social Responsibility is the way of educating and making a society aware that the powerful acts might reflect on the future of the Environment.

At Colorgraf we encourage our employees to disseminate sustainable practices by interacting harmoniously with the community, fulfilling social and legal obligations, performing mutual performance and preserving the Environment through lectures and informational material. (The Direction, Rev.00, 28/09/2012).

Check out the surrounding environments, achieved by Colorgraf through the company’s voluntary participation in environmental audits.


Colorgraf’s Quality Management System (QMS/ SGQ) is managed in a way that promotes sustainable financial profitability, providing through people’s awareness and collaboration, the safety and health in the operation of their procedures and the preservation of natural resources, contributing to a better world.