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Following the inspiring references of the Forum based on the slogan “Resistance”, Colorgraf presented in São Paulo, at the Component Design and Innovation Salon – Inspiramais its news for Summer 2019.

Earlier defined in the Inspiration Forum that the season’s main attribute is its resistance to time, its ability to reinvent itself without losing its essence. While stained and waxed finishes convey timeless value, a look into the past is cast through other singularities. Floral printing and applications, together with elements that affirm the identity and memory of a culture or region, suggest the craft as resistance and opposition to the modern and disposable. A narrative of joy and optimism mixes dance, theater, folklore and music with a bright and multicolored color chart, where delicate shades of pink and lilac refresh and balance the tendencies for the heat of the season.

Colorgraf Product Development Officer Gustavo Juchem says that the company’s products for Summer 2019 were developed to meet the inspirational foundations of the main concept “Resistance” and are divided into a pyramid of values ​​(10, 30 and 60%).

Colorgraf News

The 10% slice represents the author’s creation and was represented by Victorian print heel cover and 3D shoe labels. A bet on the process of innovation is what the 30% fraction comes to reveal, and the products that Colorgraf brings to the segment are Transfer Chest and Arms that glow in the dark, Gáspea Slide patterned tile with 3D golden specchio and Gáspea Slide Matelassê . Completing the pyramid, Gaseous Slide Matte x Glow Buckle, Cross-Stitched Flower Heel Cover and Gorgeous Tropical Transfer print slide were developed for the 60% abutment that explores massification.

According to Gustavo, one of Colorgraf’s great potentials is the focus on diversity, and with each collection launch and portfolio presentation the company has been surprising and surpassing itself.

“For Inspiramais 2018, as in other editions, Colorgraf has been fully dedicated to serving the three stages (the product pyramid) that reach the end consumer. In addition to the consolidated processes, and other new ones already in production, the novelties are due to the process-creativity mix such as: high durability transfers, exclusive and localized prints, slide uppers, jump covers, 3D labels and many other novelties. ”Concludes Juchem.