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The deconstruction was the inspiration for the development of the winning product.

Colorgraf won this morning (16), the Transformers Award – Summer 2018, at the Materials Design and Innovation Salon – Inspiramais. Deconstruction was the main element of study for the development of the winning product. It is the second consecutive time that the company receives the award.

As in previous editions, Colorgraf’s products are designed to meet all stages of the Inspiration Forum methodology, and hence all consumer niches, anticipates Uana Gaspar, the company’s commercial sector manager. The 2018 summer trend preview points to strong inspirations and feelings of deconstruction. “We develop pieces looking at various forms of behavior, product references and a lot of research,” said Uana.

According to Uana, research has shown that over time, people will absorb the contents of winter during the summer, adapting / rebuilding it for a longer time. “That’s why deconstruction and reconstruction. In summer 2018, the most listed issues are adaptation and subversion, two current themes that come in full force, ”he said.

To develop the products, Colorgraf participated in the Inspiramais Connection studies that separate the creative strands into a pyramid. Divided into three levels, this structure is a way to sectorize and study separately these creative groups that will be responsible for translating these concepts and researched references. “The top of the pyramid is the search for the new. This 10% of the creative chain is made up of those who bet and believe in copyright work. The 30%, which is part of the middle of this structure, is made up of a combination of bets and processes. Finally, the 60% corresponds to massification ”, explained Uana.

Staying true to its audience, Colorgraf continues to bet on innovation, while continuing the traditional trends with new looks, in the Brazilian way to deal with fashion. “A proposal to deconstruct information ended up building new information in the market, full of details,” concluded Uana.

About Colorgraf

In 1993 Colorgraf started its activities in Novo Hamburgo. Since then, driven by investments in management and technology, the graphic segment company has been growing under the direction of Victor Luis Arnold, Ismael Henrique Arnold and Natália Cristina Arnold. With an ever expanding portfolio of products and services, it is focused on serving an increasingly diverse and demanding market.

In Brazil, Colorgraf has industrial plants located in Novo Hamburgo (RS) and Itapetinga (BA), as well as having a shopping center in the city of São Paulo (SP). Currently, the company’s operations in the foreign market include Latin America and Russia, with an office established in Buenos Aires, Argentina.