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Based on consumer appeal, the “Play” concept is a reference of INSPIRAMAIS 2020_I. Technological innovations, advances in informatics, the growing influence of the virtual universe coupled with the subversion imposed by the media are factors that seduce the postmodern man who makes his identity available to incessant reconfigurations.

The only Design and Materials Innovation Fair in Latin America, INSPIRAMAIS will take place on January 15 and 16, 2019, at the Pro Magno Events Center, in São Paulo. The event brings the main inspirations of the summer 2020 season to the entire fashion production chain, promoting new thinking and new creation processes.

According to Uana Gaspar, Colorgraf’s commercial manager, the company’s development sector has plunged into the playful, fun and action-packed universe to craft the 60% stake. It was in the Theater theme that the company hit the Play button, seeking to explore traditional and cultural elements in a mix of volumes and colors to apply to 3D Sneaker Labels, High Frequency Slide Gas Transfers and Plasticized PVC Technical Parts (Labels for seam).

Alchemy, the 30% theme, brought an integration of technology with nature, between functional products with shine and metallization. Heel Covers, Resin 3D Labels, Fabric Sublimation are examples of Colorgraf creation for this proposal, explains the company manager.

Of the rest of the releases that the company takes to the Salon, Uana Gaspar, Colorgraf’s commercial manager, says “from the perspective of freedom, the proposal to offer new experiences while aiming to provoke customer interest to identify with the company. Our product and composing your style, reinventing yourself with joy and pleasure, is the 10% quota motto that completes the collection and allows the “reconfiguration” of various accessories “.

Play has already been given and Colorgraf will surprise you with the diversity and creativity of its portfolio, says Uana Gaspar. In addition to the consolidated processes, the visitor will be able to check out exclusive and localized prints, uppers for slides and transfers of high durability among the new features.

January 15 and 16, 2019 from 9am to 7pm
Pro-Magno Event Center | SP
Ida Kolb Avenue, 513, Green House, Sao Paulo