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Colorgraf (New Hamburg) bets on products with neon snake prints, confirmed trend of the new season. The Animal Print collection features a diversity of neon snake and leopard print products that reinforces the success of animal skin patterns. The color chart also gives life to the weather of the season, with various shades of color, ensuring a mix of possibilities for the most different combinations. The style of the product prints was inspired by this winter’s fashion attesting the trend’s long life.

Neon snake prints are being used in various products such as:

• Tranfer in the Textile and Tennis line;
• 3D and Gas Frequency Transfer on Slide;
• 3D Heel Cover in Shoes;
• 3D tennis labels;
• Heat-Seal or Sewing Label Technique PVC Plasticized for Tennis and Textile;
• Plasticized PVC Technical Part Handle.